November 27, 2018

GWT Highcharts

GWT Highcharts is a open source java based library to provides an elegant and feature rich Highcharts visualizations within a GWT application and can be used along with GWT widget libraries.


  • Compatible – All modern browsers are supported along with iPhone/iPad browsers and Internet Explorer 6 onwards. Modern browsers use SVG for the graphics rendering and in legacy Internet Explorer graphics are drawn using VML.
  • Pure Java – No JavaScript is required as complete Highcharts API is available in Java methods.
  • No Flash – No requirement of client side plug-ins like Flash player or Java as Highcharts is uses native browser technologies and charts can run without modification on modern mobile devices.
  • Clean Syntax – Most of the methods are chainable thus configuration options of the chart can be managed using syntax as tight as JSON.
  • Dynamic – Series and points can be added dynamically any time after chart creation. Event hooks supported. Server interactions are supported.
  • Documented – Highcharts APIs are thoroughly documented with numerous code and syntax examples.